创业 - unlocking potential

爱体育官方网站通过为创业活动提供一个中心,使企业家能够充分发挥其潜力, 把志同道合的人聚集在一起,为他们提供把他们的想法变成现实所需的所有工具.


We bring management experts together with technical people with the brightest ideas, 爱体育官方网站欢迎投资者, mentors and industry specialists. So whether you’re a student looking to start up their own business, 一位经验丰富的企业家,希望利用克兰菲尔德世界一流的创业课程和技术设施, or an investor seeking the best ideas and the brightest minds, we can help you access the resources you need. 在爱游戏电竞,你将成为一个独特的网络的一部分,使商业想法从概念到超级增长.

At 克兰菲尔德, entrepreneurs can access:

  • 孵化 co-workspace, workshops and offices with flexible low-cost terms, 鼓励与志趣相投、干劲十足的创业伙伴互动;
  • Entrepreneurial skills development courses and events from the Bettany Centre for 创业;
  • 商业和技术导师,从克兰菲尔德的校友网络和行业合作伙伴;
  • Academic expertise in disciplines including aerospace, 航空, 制造业, 设计, 清洁技术和安全;
  • 网络和行业特定的活动和讲座,以促进知识分享和 网络的机会 拥有全国性的网络;
  • A world-class technology demonstration and maturation environment, including R&D, airport facilities, rapid prototyping and 设计 expertise;
  • 为投资者提供资金和投资支持(种子前期、种子期、A轮和赠款资金).

爱体育官方网站的许多学生后来都建立了非常成功的企业,在克兰菲尔德,爱体育官方网站会为你提供创业所需的支持. Below are some case studies that show you where 克兰菲尔德 can take you.

Networking events for businesses


为期一天的年度会议和社交活动,为企业家和创新人士提供了一个聚集在一起进行一天社交活动的绝佳机会, 音乐, 娱乐与企业.

创业 Speaker Series
该计划以领先的企业家为特色,他们将带您经历他们的旅程和他们在发展业务时面临的挑战. 这些鼓舞人心的演讲也为你提供了与与你一样对创业感兴趣的人交流的机会.

研究 & 发展早餐会
与爱体育官方网站一起共进早餐,并建立网络,了解SEMLEP地区中小企业的融资机会, how SMEs from key industrial sectors can access funding to develop new technology, processes and services to support growth and innovation, 还有更多. 联系
克兰菲尔德科技园 预定下一节课.

访问爱体育官方网站的 管理学院 events page for information about the many other events we run.



“规模就绪”旨在使微型/中小型企业的业务更上一层台阶. Through a combination of onsite events and online modules, you will be helped to navigate the barriers restricting your business growth.




克兰菲尔德鹰实验室, an exciting collaboration between Barclays and 爱游戏电竞, is an innovation lab specialising in 航空 technology. 它为雄心勃勃的企业家提供了一个联合办公空间,以扩大和发展他们的业务.

爱游戏电竞 业务 孵化 Centre (CUBIC) can provide the perfect setting for your fledgling company, with advanced technology and management expertise right on your doorstep. Being in a hub of innovation on our campus will be invaluable for your business, both in its formative stages and during growth.

马克:你创新中心 是当地商业社区中开创性思想的中心灯塔吗 马克:你, 克兰菲尔德's new university for Milton Keynes. 2022年3月推出, the Hub is home to dedicated creative and collaborative spaces, runs regular showcases and networking events, 还提供独特的创新者计划,帮助企业家开发和推广他们的想法.



创新理念(i2i) - i2i专为雄心勃勃的个人设计,希望释放他们的创业和创造潜力. 本课程鼓励研究生考虑其研究的社会和经济相关性.

创业周末 - high energy weekends where you'll learn about ideas from across the campus, 建立临时团队并研究想法,以便爱体育官方网站可以帮助您找到可行的商业机会.

创业 Speaker Series -在整个节目中,你将听到领先的企业家,他们将带你走过他们的旅程,以及他们在发展业务时面临的挑战. 

投资者的一天 - t每年的克兰菲尔德投资者日是爱游戏电竞选定的企业家展示他们的商业想法的机会,以获得高级专家小组的反馈, seasoned entrepreneurs and investors.

Unilever-克兰菲尔德 Innovation Accelerator programme - A real-life ‘Dragon’s Den’ event, which culminated in nine student teams pitching their solutions, focused on improving sustainability, to senior executives and academics.

Venture Capital Investment Competition - find out more on the VCIC website.

国民西敏寺银行气候黑客松 - an interactive event which deals with real-world climate challenges, 让学生创造, develop and pitch viable business solutions to these challenges.

European 业务 Plan of the Year Competition (EBPYC) - EBPYC由欧洲工商管理学院(INSEAD)和伦敦商学院(London 业务 School)于1993年联合创建,旨在鼓励创业教学和创建新企业.

参观 管理学院 events page for information about the many other events we run.


思想领导 - our academics regularly lend their voices as commentators on the global news agenda, reinforcing their expertise on matters affecting business and society.

研究学位 克兰菲尔德博士和执行DBA将为您提供在您所选择的领域产生影响所需的技能.

Doctoral opportunities - current opportunities at the Bettany Centre for 创业.